Huawei P20 Pro Top 31 Battery Life/Drain Saving Tips & Tricks

Got a P20? Want to save battery? Look no further! Here I’ll run down some in-depth battery saving tips and tricks for the P20/P20 Pro: If you have any tips of your own please share them down in the comments below to help out other users. Below is a list of most of the tips/tricks and where to find them in the phone settings: WIRELESS & NETWORKS  -> Wi-Fi -> Wi-Fi+ TURN OFF Configure -> Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep – Only when charging Mobile network 4G – TURN OFF Preferred network type -> GSM only (2g signals operate at a lower frequency which can penetrate through walls easier) Advanced Wi-Fi/Mobile data switch – Never switch to mobile data Mobile data always on – TURN OFF CArrier aggregation – TURN OFF (this allows for 4.5G – network provider dependant) Dual SIM Settings Internet access during calls – TURN OFF Dual SIM 4G – TURN OFF Mobile data Data saver – TURN ON (select what apps you still want to access network) Call settings Vibrate when ringing – TURN OFF (both SIMs) DEVICE CONNECTION Bluetooth – TURN OFF NFC – TURN OFF Huawei Share – TURN OFF BATTERY Power saving mode – TURN ON Screen resolution -> Smart resolution – TURN OFF -> HD+ Enable   App launch -> Manage all automatically   Darken interface colours SETTINGS COG -> Keep Wi-Fi on – Never DISPLAY Brightness – Automatic – TURN OFF Colour & eye comfort -> Natural tone – TURN OFF Colour mode & temperature -> Normal Wallpaper – Choose something black Notch – Hide notch Auto-rotate screen – TURN OFF   SECURITY & PRIVACY Disable Face unlock -> Screen lock & passwords -> Always display information – TURN OFF   SMART ASSISTANCE HiTouch – TURN OFF   BATTERY Power saver Mode – TURN ON and last but not least, if all else fails: Ultimate power saver mode – TURN ON