Panda Gamepad Pro Beta App – Activation, Setup & Config PUBG Android

If you want to play PUBG, Mobile Legends on Android with a gamepad then you’ll need to install and activate Panda Gamepad Pro. This app allows you to map your gamepad buttons to the on-screen touch buttons with a simple-to-use overlay. Download link for the PC Activator is below the video!

This video walks you through the step-by-step instructions on how to activate and then setup and configure the app. You’ll be playing in no time at all 😀🎮

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Step-by-step instructions:
1) Install the Panda Gameplay Pro Beta app from the Play Store
2) Download the PC Activator Tool:
3) Enable USB Debugging on your phone
4) Extract the files from the .RAR file and then run the Activate.bat file
5) Start your game via the Panda Gamepad Pro app

Note some games such as Modern Ops or Cyber Hunter require you to fiddle with the settings a bit more to get the camera movement correct, please see the below instructions for how to set up:

The trick is to make the right analogue stick as big as it can be (see my screenshot here for an example:

Also, reduce the POV speed slightly and you’ll be running around easily in no time!
The same works for Modern Ops but you might need to just a few more settings:

I found my POV speed had to be a lot lower and I also turned “zoom mode” in the settings to “Hold” as I prefer holding the left trigger when I’m zooming in. Have a play around and let me know how you get on – good luck! 👍

Any questions please let me know down below 😊